Got It Covered
  • barry

    wait… did he just say the fourth panel out loud?

    • Justin Barnes

      No… No, he didn't.

    • aujustin

      Shoot, where did my original comment go?

      Anyway, I added some little thought bubbles =)

  • Sara

    so far I've read them all and this one's my favorite 🙂
    I suppose this is a bad thing though because I should actually be doing homework
    very good stuff!

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  • daft

    is it wrong that my mind sometimes does this cause it thinks it is funny. I will also sometime plan convoluted heist schemes when I am short on cash and just giggle at the thought.

  • shea

    this one has an extrapanel toooo! scrooll over the white to the right of it! you should find a pi sign!

    • AssDiddIer

      Let them find it on their own, or else I'll come over there and diddle your asshole if I see you post this secret club shit again. Better pepper your angus, cause you'll be getting a dry rub.

  • ChrisKnight

    hahahahaha guys read the extra panel by moving ur cursor over the pi sign the the white lower right corner XD

  • Metal

    I still don't get what happened!

    • Laugeo

      Employees have discounts they get for working there. The employee probably recognized that the customer was planning to hurt him to get his discount card and pretended to give it to him, since it's against the rules to use employee discounts on other people.

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  • Sparkles

    Panel 4 made me laugh so hard! I think it was largely due to his expression. 🙂

  • Madame Kagamine

    It would’ve been funny had he said it out loud, like in the comment below.